• Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Need some help with strategic planning? We are here to support your efforts. Call or message us today.


  • Active Learning

    Active Learning

    We actively study adult learning models and theories to deliver the best customized training we can.  While we won't make…


  • Grow Your Next Level of Leaders

    Grow Your Next Level of Leaders

    We can help with new supervisor orientation, training and overall leadership development. Need help with who to hire? We can…


  • Real companies. Right here.

    Real companies. Right here.

    The Peerman Group is committed to supporting the success of many organizations, including ones right here in Iowa.  We see…


  • 2013-2016 Business Service Trips in Belize

    2013-2016 Business Service Trips in Beli

    It was Dr. Celina's honor to work in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 with Mount Mercy University to guide four…


  • People Often Ask

    People Often Ask

    Human resources departments understand how helpful it can be to get help from outside professionals in matters of workplace behavior.…


  • Workplace Behavior Conference

    Workplace Behavior Conference

    Your workplace is comprised of an amazing bouquet of personalities - diverse and dynamic. Making them work in harmony isn't…


  • Aug 25, Prairie du Chien Courier Press

    Aug 25, Prairie du Chien Courier Press

    "Dr. Celina Peerman presented a supervisory workship, 'The Every Day Leader' to about 45 individuals from the Prairie du Chien…